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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best health insurance company?

The best health insurance company is the one that provides an affordable plan that works for your budget, and your specific medical situation.

Do you need your insurance card to go to the doctor? Can I go to urgent care without an insurance card?

You can go to the doctor or urgent care if you do not have your insurance card, but you will have to provide certain information to help locate your policy. This could include your Member ID number, your Social Security Number, the Group/Policy Number, and the name of the health insurance company. You can contact your insurance company to request this information if you do not have it, or request it from your employer’s HR Department.

What is individual and family health insurance?

Individual health insurance refers to a policy for only one person. Family health insurance includes your spouse and/or children.

Do I need special health insurance when traveling abroad?

Most health insurance plans do not include coverage for traveling abroad, although some Medicare Advantage plans have the option. In most cases however, if you travel outside of the country you will not be covered by your health insurance plan. In order to stay covered when outside of the country you would need to purchase travel insurance for the duration of your trip.

What is a copay in health insurance?

Copay, or “copayment” is the payment which the consumer may pay when they go to a doctor, specialist, or other medical service depending on the plan. This is a separate cost from the monthly premium, and is not applied towards your deductible. In general, the higher the premium, the lower the copay. Conversely, lower premiums will typically have higher copays.

Can I have Medicare and private insurance?

Your private insurance will work concurrently with Medicare to cover additional costs. If you have other forms of health insurance, Medicare works as either the primary or secondary payer. If you have Medicaid (known as a “dual eligible”), Medicare would pay first up to the limits of its coverage.

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